Thursday, August 16, 2007

GLF Global Leadership Foundation Concerns at the Violence in Timor-Leste


As friends of Timor Leste who were present during the peaceful elections in June and met the leaders of the main political parties, we are deeply concerned at the violence that has greeted the forming of the new government. Democracy is about channelling the differences that exist within every society through the appropriate institutions created to preserve the peace, the freedom of expression and the rule of law. If there are disagreements about the constitutionality of the process they must be resolved peacefully through the legally established courts. Violence on the streets and the senseless destruction of public property will never solve them. We call upon the leadership of all political parties to continue to urge restraint on their followers and to take the necessary measures to ensure that their instructions in this regard are followed throughout the country. The people of East Timor have seen too much destruction in their lives and it is unworthy of the free and fair election which they so successfully held that they should be suffering again.

Signed: Cassam Uteem (former President of Mauritius)
Mike Moore (former Prime Minister of New Zealand)
Sir Robin Christopher (GLF Secretary General)

GLF Global Leadership Foundation
14 August 2007


bibere said...

The concept of democray is still emerging here. East Timor will never be at peace if all political parties do not work together. Jose Ramos Horta made the biggest mistake when he decided to call the so called 'AMP' headed by Xanana to form government. His decision did not take into consideration the complex political and social situation in East Timor. You cannot just sideline a political party like FRETILIN, the most voted party who recieved more than 120,000 votes. FRETILIN still holds strong in the hearts of many East Timorese. JRH needs to recognise that. A government of Grand Inclusion, one headed by an Independant Prime minister and two vice prime ministers, one from CNRT and the other from FRETILIN, as proposed by the FRETILIN party would have been the best solution to the crisis and a step forward to establishing peace and stability in Timor Leste.
I am saddened by the violence but it is a result of people's frustrations, anger and a loss of faith in the system. East Timor has long history of violence and oppression. They are a traumatised society. People have suffered, they have been raped and tortured and people have died for Independance. They have died for the FRETILIN flag and what it represented to them. These feelings are still alive in people and their families. So people are angry. They ask FRETILIN won but why havent we been given the opportunity to form goverment?? why?? Does our vote not count they ask.
The justice system doesn't function here. JRH and other observers have stated to take the decision to court and challenge it legally. But what is the point people ask?? They say Reinaldo is free do whatever he wants after what he did and the new government has not once mentioned him and called for his arrest. Reinado is the real threat. He has guns in his posession . Where is the justice I ask you? There is none. The solution to the crisis lied with JRH and he chose to bring more suffering to the people of Timor Leste. I hope he can bear that weight on his shoulders.

Anonymous said...

"The concept os democracy is still emerging in East Timor" it is correct.But if JRH is wrong then you should not support phisical and verbal violence campaign that Fretilin is doing...

The reason why JRH invites AMP to form the government is "normal" in democracy. The Fretilin party received 120.000 votes from people, such votes have the same value as others being voted to AMP but AMP coalition has more votes. Fretilin failled to form a coalition to garantee "estability and peace". It is important to understand that Fretilin didn't able to solve security problem with 57% of votes won in 2001. It is a doubt even dangerous to give Fretilin another opportunity with 29% of votes.

Fretilin won the election like Megawati won the general election in Indonesia in 1999 but Gus Dur was de President as he sucessfully formed a colation agains Megawatti party PDIP. Kadima from Israel won election in 2009 but now took place in the parlamente as opposition party like Fretilin in East Timor, so what is the problem here?

Each party must educate its militants to respect this type of "political decision" ....

Therefore, I advise you to learn something from here, about politics otherwise, you will be a ignorant victim of politic!

Adao Lemos