Wednesday, February 21, 2007


To the readers of this blog, our sincere apologies for the information posted previously concerning the attack on the leaders of the Democratic Party in Timor-Leste. We wish to inform you that Mr. Samuel Mendonca is one of the Vice-Secretaries and not Vice-President of the party as previously reported.


Anonymous said...

A politacal Party that wants to govern the country does not know who is who in its own party should constitute a big concern. My worry is that when they are in the Government, instead of sending a letter to SBY as president of Indonesia, they might sent to SBY as the speaker of the parliament. It will embarrashed whole Timor as a nation and an appology will not help at all. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

PD has its high ambition to govern TL at all cost if the people choose.
PD never shy to hide its mistakes and has the courage to appologize for its mistakes. A party that does not not have the courage and the humility to apolize is a failed party that will drive the country and the people into the abyssm.