Thursday, February 08, 2007

Primeiro Ministro Jose Ramos-Horta e Rogerio Lobato

National Media Reports

Primeiro Ministro Jose Ramos-Horta hateten katak Rogerio Lobato fahe kilat ba civil sira hodi reenforca ordem publica.
Noticia mak tuir mai nee ho lia ingles.

Rogerio distributed guns to reinforce public order-PM Ramos-Horta’s statement in court

The Primer Minister Ramos-Horta in his statement at the Court of Appeal on Tuesday 2/2, said that Rogerio distributed guns to reinforce public order because, according to him, after the incident on 28 April, he travelled all night until morning around the city, in front of embassies to verify if the city was protected by the police but unfortunately he found none. Also, on the 29 April many PNTL officers abandoned their posts increasing the risk, according to rumours, that the petitioners were going to attack the government buildings. He said that the police wouldn’t have the capacity to establish law and order and that the former Minister of Interior, to avoid all this from happening, gave orders to give guns to civilians to restore order.

Horta said he doesn't know if the actions of Rogerio are politically correct or incorrect, but that a closer look should be taken at that stage of the situation. He also said he didn't believe that Lobato had intentions to destroy his country.

According to Horta, it was only on 28 May that the Commandant of PNTL Paulo de Fatima Martins informed him that the PNTL guns used by UIR on the border had been transferred to Dili. Martins did not explain clearly who gave orders and for what purposes the guns had been transferred to Dili.
Ramos-Horta said that the incident of 28 April 2006 in front of the Government building was with the intervention of a third party but he did not name that third party. (Timor Post)

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