Monday, May 22, 2006

Ramos Horta critises E Timor PM

Ramos Horta criticises E Timor PM
East Timor's Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta has openly criticised the leadership of his own Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri.
The Prime Minister was re-elected on Friday as leader of the Fretilin party with near universal support of its 600 delegates.
Dr Ramos Horta says the strong party support bears no resemblance to the feelings in the broader community.
"While the Prime Minister was soundly re-elected, it reflects obviously only a sentiment within the party cadres," he said.
"[That] might not necessarily reflect the sentiments in the rest of the country."
The Foreign Minister has questioned whether Mr Alkatiri can lead the party to victory at East Timor's first free and fair elections in 12 months.
"He has been given a mandate by his party, not by the party," he said.
"So he has to make some Herculean dramatic effort, with a very strong dose of humility, to try to regain whatever credibility he had in the past."

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